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DON’T CHOKE! JOIN US the 19th October for the 6th year of Al-Ma’sara popular resistance




The 19th of October a big demonstration will celebrate the 6th year of Popular Struggle Resistance in Al-Ma’sara

Al-Ma’sara, October 2012 – Friday 19th of October, Al-Ma’sara Popular  Committee will celebrate its 6th year of resistance with a big demostration. Since October 2006, Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee – together with the other Popular Committees in the West Bank – has been organizing weekly demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall and the illegal settlements. Al-Ma’asara Popular Struggle Committee includes also other 7 villages of the area – Wadi Rahhal, Khalled al Haddad, Wadi an Nis, Jurat ash Sham’a, Marah Ma’alla, Umm Salamuna – concerning about 9000 inhabitants.

Al-Ma’sara and the 8 surrounding villages are threatened by the expansion of Gush Etzion settlement block and the preparation of the infrastructure for the illegal apartheid wall started in 2006. The segregation wall will be a 14km electrical fence with armed support and military guard and will annex an additional 35.000 mq. Further, the new wall will effectively isolate Al-Ma’sara and the other villages from the rest of the Palestinian communities and cuts off their main water supply, negatively impacting health and income of the villages.

The demonstration will take place in Al-Ma’asara at 12h00. The focal point will be the AlShmoh Cultural Center.

All citizens and journalists are invited to partecipate.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

 Mob. 05995860040569191133



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