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They call it a farm. But it’ll be an outpost



The 6th of November Israeli trucks started to raze a Palestinian agricultural land between the villages of Wadi Rahal, Khallet al Louza and Artas, in the South Bethlehem Area.

Why this area? From 2004 to 2007, 1382 dunams of this area were expropiated in application of the Military Order 59/967. This Order allows the Israeli Army to take control over all lands defined public, state or any other lands that are not registered to people. But Israel’s manipulation of law is not recognized or validated under international law.

According to the soldiers, this land will host a farm. But it seems like the evergreen strategy of the settlers: to create a new outpost and connect the settlements. In this case, to connect Gush Etzion settlement with the settlements of Tekoa, Nokedim and five more outposts. If the outpost become reality, the Bethlehem Area will be surrounded in the North by the Wall, in the West by the Bypass Road 60, in the East by the Lieberman Road and in the South by the expansion of the Gush Etzion settlements.

Today, 7th of November, trucks continued to work and, presumably, they will continue during the next days.


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