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Al-Ma’sara, 23rd November 2012 – People of Al-Ma’sara village joined by international and israeli activists organized the weekly demostration, that take place every Friday from the October 2006, to protest against the Israeli occupation. This time the action was focused on the recent events in Gaza, to stress the point that even if a cease-fire’s agreement has been achieved (in any case a good result for Gaza’s population) it does not mean that the sources of the conflict have been eliminated. It is necessary to recognize by the part of the international community the inhuman Israel’s policy regarding Gaza and the West Bank, and most importantly, to address the right of the Palestinian population to self-determination, sovereignty and dignity.

Despite the peaceful and non-violent root of the demonstration, police and israeli soldiers blocked the demostrators before they reach the main road, trying to move them away with the sound alarm and the shields.

Despite the army and its violent methods, we’ll continue, Friday by Friday, to scream for our freedom.

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