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Strategy and Tactics


Highlighting the military repression of ordinary civilians through civic, grassroots mobilization. Promoting human rights, sovereignty and an end to the Occupation by encouraging the implementation of international law through nonviolent resistance.


General Tactics

  • Weekly demonstrations and marches in various villages
  • Creative actions (on-site art installations, costumes, music, etc.).
  • Tree planting
  • Area C development

Workshops and Training

  • Legal rights workshops to prepare people for arrests and questioning.
  • Media-work empowerment training.
  • Strategic action planning workshops.
  • Local leadership training.
  • Workshops on international experiences in grassroots mobilizations.

Protection of Human Rights defenders

  • Free legal defense and consul to protesters
  • Providing bail money for jailed protesters
  • Encouraging the international community to implement the guidelines on the protection of human rights defenders
  • Rallying political support for prisoners

Movement Visibility Enhancement

  • Outreach to mainstream Israeli media regarding Palestinian nonviolent struggle.
  • Encouraging the growing Palestinian discourse on the movement through mainstream and independent media.
  • Expansion of coverage in the mainstream international media, to strengthen and protect the movement, as well as to help further its cause


  • Creating a movement that enjoys the support and active participation of Israelis and internationals
  • Mobilizing hundreds of activists
  • Gaining significant media coverage

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