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Who we are

We are the Popular Committee of Al-Ma’sara village, promoting a joint struggle involving Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals. The Popular Committee is independent from parties or governments.  Its members are not elected, but are members on the basis of their engagement in the popular resistance work.

The main activity is direct action during Friday demonstrations. Another activity is visiting people from different villages to support their participation in the popular struggle. In addition, long and short term goals are being discussed in workshops and lectures. The Committee in Ma’sara is coordinating its activities together with the other Popular Committees in theWest Bank. All Committees are committed to nonviolent methods.

What we stand for

  • Nonpartisanship and Independence
    Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee is an independent initiative, not affiliated with a single political faction.
  • Grassroots Organizing and Nonviolence
    Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee promotes a grassroots community-based organizing model based strategically fostering nonviolent action.
  • Human Rights and International Law
    Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee agitates for the implementation of international law and the protection of human rights defenders, both of which are at the core foundations of its activities.
  • Joint Struggle
    Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee advocates for a Palestinian lead struggle that enjoys the partnership of Israelis and internationals.
  • Hope and Creativity
    Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee believes in the power of the popular struggle and creative action to inspire hope in people, and by so in these tactics ability to transform the reality of the conflict.
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