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Requests for international community

The Popular Committee of Al-Ma’sara requests the international community to:

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Provide periodic reports on the condition of human rights in in the village, addressing the issue of human rights defenders noting instances of the concerted and politically motivated persecution of the local popular struggle.
  • Visit al-Ma’sara and reporting to others, in order to monitor and assist the development of local strategies.

Protecting Human Right Defenders

  • Issuing of official public statements condemning the threats and attacks on the popular struggle, underlining the immediate and serious risk it is facing.
  • Attending trials of Palestinian detained and prosecuted due to their involvement in the popular struggle, in order to observe directly whether fundamental legal safeguards are respected.
  • Regularly raising of the legitimate demands of the movement with high representatives visiting the region
  • Taking legislative, judicial, administrative or other appropriate measures to protect human rights defenders against violence, threats, retaliation, de facto or de jure adverse discrimination, pressure or any other arbitrary

Visibility to Support human rights defenders

  • Raising the persecution of the popular non-violent struggle in regular meetings between partner governments and sub-committees on human rights.
  • Providing visible recognition of the popular non-violent struggle and its work through visits to local organizations leading the movement, attending press conferences and visiting key imprisoned activists.
  • Instituting regular joint press conferences exposing and condemning the repression.

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