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15/02/2013 Friday Demonstration

ma'sara1In Ma’asara two demonstrations were held, in solidarity with Samer Issawi and all the other palestinian prisoners and hunger strikers.

The first one was a secret action that took place before the pray around 11 am. Thirty activists reached the entrance of the nearby Efrata illegal settlement, the second biggest settlement in the West Bank, in the Etzion area. At first, fronted by only two security guards, the demonstrators managed to enter through the main gate, raising a Palestinian flag and sticking posters of Samer Issawi.

After few minutes many policemen and border-policemen came, joined also by members of the IOF special forces – a demonstrator said – closing the road and starting to throw sound bombs and teargas at the demonstrators. Five of them were injured, including 1 palestinian, 1 international activist and 3 journalists. The settlers, who were staring at the scene, started also to act violent after the police came.

The action lasted for 20 minutes. After that the demonstrators headed back towards al Ma’sara and Jorit Ashama, followed by almost 200 soldiers and police man.

After the pray, around noon, the demonstrators tried to make the usual action towards the junction road in front of the village. Most of them, though, didn’t attend this demonstration afraid to be recognized and arrested after taking part to the first action.

The IOF soldiers had already closed the road and were ready to shoot tear gas. So the demonstrators, cut down to 15 people, made a small sit in lasting about one hour.

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